Discovering the heart of God through Biblical Hebrew.

Beyond the Hebrew Lexicon

Amazon Bestseller

Learn To Do Hebrew Word Studies That Take You Beyond the Lexicon

This book is written for those who want to find a deeper meaning to Biblical Hebrew words. It will give guidelines on how to drill down into the very heart, soul and core of Hebrew scripture.

Beyond the Hebrew Lexicon Manual/Workbook

Amazon Bestseller

User-friendly companion workbook with fill in the answer exercises. The manual will walk you through the steps needed to do your own Biblical Hebrew word studies, enabling you to drill down into the very heart, soul and core of Hebrew scripture.

A Brand New Book From Chaim Bentorah

Amazon Bestseller

Each of the 90 word studies in this book will encourage and strengthen you in your relationship with God. As you search the depths of God's Word, you will see just how beautiful the scriptures are, and most of all, you will see the beauty of God Himself and come to love him all the more.

FotoliaYou don’t have to be a scholar to unlock the depths of scripture

Discover-heartSmChaim Bentorah is the pseudonym of a Gentile Christian who taught college level Biblical Hebrew and is an Amazon Bestselling Author. He prepared his students to take the placement exams for graduate school. He has now developed a method of study where he can prepare any Believer, regardless of age or academic background, to study the Word of God using Biblical Hebrew.

Invite Chaim Bentorah Ministries to your church or meeting place to tailor a speaking engagement or Biblical Hebrew class to suite your needs. Chaim and Laura speak on many topics and can customize a class or topic to suit any size venue, from two participants up to a thousand.

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  • FREE COPY OF CHAIM’S NEWEST BOOK (10/30/2016) - FREE COPY OF CHAIM’S NEWEST BOOK FOR WHOM MY SOUL LOVES   With the purchase of Hebrew Word Study Revealing the Heart of God At 40% off when purchased on  Click Here to purchase:   After purchase send an email to with an address and we will send you a free copy […]

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  • Word Study: Heals All (4/30/2017) -   Word Study: Heals All Ps 103:3 Who forgiveth all thine iniquities; who healeth all thy diseases; I am gradually making a clean breast of it all and telling people I have Asperger’s Syndrome. Asperger’s is a form of Autism, on the higher spectrum of Autism where you are functional. But still I have many […]

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