Chaim Bentorah is the pseudonym of a Gentile Christian who taught college-level Biblical Hebrew and is an Amazon Bestselling Author. He prepared his students to take the placement exams for graduate school. He has now developed a method of study where he can prepare any Believer, regardless of age or academic background, to study the Word of God using Biblical Hebrew.

Invite Chaim Bentorah Ministries to speak at your church or meeting place. We can tailor a topic or Biblical Hebrew class to suit your needs. Chaim and Laura speak on many topics and can customize a class or topic to suit any size venue, from two participants up to a thousand.

Jots and Tittles

The Letter Chet

  The Cheth represents a binding with God like in a marriage relationship. It is a picture of the chuppah or marriage copy which is to picture a portal that the couple walks through to enter a new life where you are no longer the center of your world but it now...

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Daily Devotions

Word Study: Wandering Desire

WORD STUDY – WANDERING DESIRE Ecclesiastes 6:9: “Better is the sight of eyes than the wandering of the desire, this is also vanity and the vexation of the spirit.” One of the stories from Geoffrey Chaucer’ s “Canterbury Tales” is entitled “The Pardoner’s Tail” In this...

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