Jots and Titles: Give


Word Study – Give


Nathan means to give, to grant, a present or gift.

Nathan is spelled Nun, Taw Final Nun.  The Nun represents fertility, growth, and prosperity, the Taw represents a completion of a cycle.  The final Nun; which represents fertility, growth and prosperity,  has no foot on the bottom of the letter or no foundation so that what has been produced falls out at the end to be shared with others.

Another little thing about this word “to give” or Nathan is that in Hebrew it is spelled the same backward and forward.  In other words when you give you begin a cycle (Taw) of giving that is poured out and then returned back to you to be given out again.

If you give, you can expect a return.  God may very well bless you, but the idea is that any blessing you get returned to you is intended to be given out again to bless others.  If you do not fulfill the Taw, the middle letter, which means competing the cycle of giving so you can receive to give out again, you can not expect a return.  You have to get past that Taw to get to the final Nun which allows the giving to return to the first Nun.