Jots and Tittles: Discouragement


Word Study – Discouragement

Numbers 32:9  “They discouraged the heart of the children of Israel”

Discouragement – Hebrew  “Nu'”

Nu’ –frustration, hindrance, restraining, prohibit, refuse, discouragement.

This word has its roots in the idea of not getting something you want.  When we do not get what we want we get discouraged.  Israel became discouraged not because of the giants in the Promised Land but because it appeared they would not be able to enter the Promised Land because of the giants.   When we become discouraged it is because we are not getting what we want or circumstances seem to suggest we will never get it.  Yet, like Israel, if it is what God wants us to have something, not even giants will keep us from getting it.  The discouragement comes when we “nu’” or refuse to put our total trust in God.  God’s perfect plan for us becomes “nu’” (restrained or hindered)  because, like Israel, we look at things in the natural and it seem impossible and we let it discourage us so that we do not move forward with God’s plan for our lives.

Note that “nu’” is spelled Nun – avoidance, Vav – unhealthy co-dependence upon circumstances and Aleph – ambivalence (unable to see both sides).   Discouragement comes when we “avoid” – Nun moving forward with God’s plan for us because we are too dependent upon what we see in the natural – Vav and refuse to see the other side, the spiritual side, God’s side – Aleph.