Jots and Tittles: Light/Shine


Word Study – Light/shine

Light/shine– Hebrew – “‘or”

Numbers 6:25: “The Lord make his face to shine upon you.”

The word “’or” (light/shine) in Hebrew has many usages. When we say that the Lord makes his face to “shine” upon us we are saying that the Lord causes His face, which means His presence, to bring us prosperity, to glorifies us, enlightens us, brings us revelation, give us knowledge, and share His passion with us.

That is a lot of good stuff yet the most important aspect of light is found within the word itself. The word “’or” is spelled Aleph – unity with God, Vav – connecting heaven to earth or the supernatural to the natural, and Resh, which represents the Holy Spirit. In other words when the Lord makes His presence to “shine” or “’or” on us He is connecting us, natural man to a supernatural God, to create a unity with Him and allow us to experience the power of the Holy Spirit. But soft, John 1:4 tells us that Jesus is the light. He is our connection of a supernatural God to a natural man, He is the baptizer in Holy Spirit and It is He who creates a unity with God. Sure the Light of God gives us prosperity, revelation, knowledge etc., but most important it connects us with the Heavenly Father who longs to share his passion, love and heart with us.

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    1. Yes, one usage for “owr” can be lightning, but it’s an obscure use because there is a more common Hebrew word for lighting. If your emphasis is on the light in lightning then owr might be used.

  1. Did you ever notice in Gen1:3 God said let there be “LIGHT” and there was “LIGHT”, 1:4 and God said the “LIGHT” was good and seperated darkness. This light is the Hebrew word “OR”…this is before the luminaries of 1:14 (the sun and moon). I find this word “Or/Light” so intriguing…does anyone have any thought on this word?

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