Jots and Tittles: Rest


Word Study – Rest

Psalms 55:6: “And I said, Oh that I had the wings like a dove, for then would I fly away and be at rest.”

Rest – Hebrew – eshekonah

Eshekohah comes from the root word “shakan” which means to dwell, make a habitation, abide and lie down.

The word carries a paragogic Hei which would express the idea of being at total peace, secure and safe.  It has its origins in a bird perching or roosting for the night high in a tree. It is safely removed from all threats of predators so that it can enjoy a peaceful sleep.

So how does King David find this peace or rest in God?  The word itself tells us.  It is spelled Shin – God’s passionate love, Kap – fills our lives so that the Nun can tear down walls.  The walls that keep us from peace are hatred, fear, prejudice, ignorance and delusion.  When we go to our special “quiet place” that special trysting place where we daily meet God and step into His presence, he fills us with His passionate love so that all that hatred, anger, bitterness, fear and everything that robs us of our peace is removed by His precious loving presence so that we indeed  learn that “perfect love cast out all fear” (I John 4:18).