Jots and Tittles: Way



Proverbs 16:25: “There is a way which seems right unto man but the end thereof is death.”

Way – Derek
Way, path, to tread forth, to tread upon (like a winepress).

The question is, where does this way or path lead. Every word in the Hebrew explains itself. Derek is spelled Daleth, Resh, and Kap. This path leads to the Daleth which is a doorway or portal to the Resh which represents the Holy Spirit who will fill the Kap a vessel, like the heart, which needs to be filled. This filling of the heart of the one passing through this portal will reveal God’s will and desire for that person.

Thus this verse is telling us that there is way to pass through a portal that will fill your heart with the Holy Spirit who will lead you into God’s perfect plan for your life. This particular way seems to be right but in the end it will only lead to death – “moth” which is a separation from God.

We all seem to have our own idea how to find the will of God, how to know God, and how to carry out his plan. Books have been written, CD’s recorded, yet, the end will only separate us from God. It can only be done God’s way, God’s “Derek” and not ours.

Our way or Derek follows the shadow of Daleth which is false humility, the shadow of Resh which is being judgmental, abusing power that God entrust to us, and being self righteous. Finally it involves the last letter of “Derek” which is the Kap showing arrogance, self willfulness, and being a tyrant to others (tearing down others) . That way only leads to death.