Word Study: Seek



Seek – Hebrew: Daresh – To seek, visit, frequent, search, inquire, consult, to promote, apply oneself to something.

Isaiah 55:6: “Seek the Lord while he may be found, call upon Him while He is near.”

The word for “seek” is “daresh” which has the idea of visiting frequently or in a passive form to apply oneself.  You have to ask yourself just what is it that you are seeking from the Lord here.  The word itself will tell you.  The “daleth” represents a gateway, a channel or portal.  The “resh” represents the Holy Spirit and the Shin represents the passion of God.  What we are seeking is for the Holy Spirit to open a doorway or portal to the passion of God.

“While He may be found” is all one word: “behimase’u.”   We can really play around with this word and not always come up with the standard translation.   This is a Niphal infinitive.  It has the idea of obtaining or finding knowledge.  In the context of this verse it is finding knowledge of God’s heart when the Holy Spirit opens a portal to God’s passion through Jesus Christ.  The infinitive form would make this an overwhelming find.  In other words we would “find” or obtain deep knowledge of God while He is overwhelming us with his love. In that moment He is “near” or “qarav” which really means approachable, that is approachable to gain deep knowledge or understanding.  “Qarav” is a play on the word “qara” which means to fall into.  In other words when He is “near” or “approachable” we just fall into this deep knowledge of God.

A woman is most approachable, most willing to share and open her heart during a time of intimacy with her husband.  A wise husband will not use that time of intimacy for just personal pleasure but realize this is a time that his wife is approachable to share her heart and will use that time to gain a deeper knowledge and understanding of his wife that no one else on this planet will share.

When we worship God, we do not just sit back and enjoy the ride. If we are wise we will use that time in worship when He is most approachable and willing to share His heart to gain a deeper knowledge of the Jesus that we love.