Last night I as I went to bed I made my request known unto the Lord. In fact I have been faithfully making this same request for 6 years and have never seen an answer to that prayer. I found myself adding a little footnote to my petition that went something like this: “Well, Lord, you know I have been praying this same prayer for six years. Now I have really cleaned up my act, I have been trusting you and trying to live a good life. I would think that after all this effort, you should get around to answering this prayer.”

As I slept that night an angel appeared and declared he was my guardian angel (GA I called him). He said my petition was up for review and that he was going to let me listen in on the discussion as to whether my petition should be granted or not. Excitedly, I followed my GA to what appeared to be a board room. Sitting around the room were 12 created beings, all dressed in business suits, waiting for the CEO to enter the room and begin the meeting. My GA advised me that the Owner’s son was the CEO and that He was just now arriving.

Suddenly, the room lit up as the Son entered the room and took His place at the head of the board room table. “A suit?” I remarked “He’s dressed in a business suit?” “Hush” whispered GA, He’s about to speak:”

The Son opened a rather thick file and announced: “Well, our first petitioner that we will consider is this Chaim Bentorah fellow. Hmmm! Seems he has been making the same petition for six years. Well let’s check his score and see if he qualifies for an answer to his prayer. First let’s hear a report from the Human Resource department, Aleph, how has he been handling this long delay in the answer to his petition?”

An angel in a gray business suit stood up and said: “Well, he is getting a little discouraged but he has not lost his faith or become bitter over having no answer.” “That sure counts for something,” replied the Son who turned to an accountant looking angel and said: “Beit, give him an A- for faithfulness. Now Gimel, how’s he doing in the Public Relations Department, any major sins to report?” A clean faced angel with a permanent smile and a new suit stood up and said: “No change, he scores very high in that area. He does not drink, smoke, use drugs, has not committed adultery, he hasn’t touched any of the big ones.”

The son smiled and said: “We can always count on that category to raise his score. Beit give him another A+ as usual. Let’s look at the marketing department. Daleth, how’s the soul winning coming along.”

An angel in a bright white suit with a red tie and wearing an “I Like God” button stood up shaking his head. “I am afraid we have had little progress in that department. Seems that Chaim Bentorah fellow has not used the 4 Spiritual Laws for over six months. He has fallen way behind in his quota of new converts.” “Pity,” said the Son sadly: “Beit, give him an ‘F’ in marketing.”

“Moving now to our finance department, Vav, how’s the old boy doing in his tithing?” The finance director in a gold suit stood up frowning. “No change there, boss, he has not once met 10% of his gross income.” “How about 10% of his net” asked the Son hopefully. “A couple times,” answered Vav, “but that is only on special occasions and when he is really looking for a good return. Mostly it is just spare change, and sometimes he tosses an empty envelop in the plate, just so the usher doesn’t think he is a cheapskate.”

“Wow, that sure pulls his score down,” the Son said rather harshly. “Beit, mark an ‘F’ for tithing. Communications department, how is his prayer life.”

An angel in a sky blue suit stood up and said: “Well, it is improving, since you stuck him in that job driving a bus for the disabled, he has a lot of time between runs with nothing else to do but pray. Still most his prayers focus on his own needs and very little in the way of intercession. He still has that selfish streak, you know.” “That he sure does,” responds the Son, this time getting more annoyed. “Beit, give him a ‘D.’ “Tet, any better news from the education department?”

An older looking angel in a dusty navy blue suit stood up and said: “Yes, there has been some improvement, he is spending much more time in the Word, and he is pulling in some good insights. However, I don’t see him applying what he is learning too well and I am afraid, there is a lot of pride coming out as he shares his insights on his website which is becoming more and more popular and his books have reached the Best Seller List on Amazon.” Now the Son is starting to get a very stern look on his face. “It’s a wonder I even keep this guy on the payroll. Beit, give him a ‘C.’ Yod, I’m hoping you can give me something more positive from the Special Projects department.

An angel in a checkered sports coat with a lapel pin shaped like a cross flashing red, white and blue delivered his report. “I would have to score the fellow high on his creativity. He has managed to put together a few good Hebrew classes. However, struggles in his personal life job has diverted his attention away from these. I fear he is focusing more on the here and now rather than the sweet by and by.” Now the Son was really getting upset: “Beit, a ‘D’ and I am being merciful with that.”

Wiping his brow and sitting down the Son turns to Beit and ask that he compute the score. Handing the son a sheet of paper, He stands to read the results. “As I read the latest performance review on this Chaim Bentorah fellow, I see he has a score of 79%. Beit, what’s the minimum score for answer to prayer?” Beit shuffles through some papers and says: “Yes, here it is, it was 90 but due to the fact that this Chaim Bentorah fellow has been having a rough go of it lately, you decided to extend some grace and lower the score to 85%.” “Can we add anything for good behaviour” asks the Son. “Maybe one or two points, but not enough to put him over the top.” Answered Beit. “Too bad,” said the Son, “I was really hoping to grant that request this time. Oh well, rules are rules.” With that the Son took a big rubber stamp and stamped my file with a red “Unanswered.”

I turned to GA and sadly said: “Well, is that how it works?” The GA answered: “No, that is how you think it works, let me show you how it really works.” With that GA wisks me back to my bedroom. We have stepped back in time just a few minutes to that moment when I made my request know unto the Lord. GA then turned to me and said: “This is the way it really works. You have made your request known unto the Lord, now watch what happens.” I looked up and suddenly I saw the Son embrace me with His light and I could ever so barely hear Him say: “I’m here, it’s ok I have everything under control, just trust me and let’s continue to spend some more time together.”

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  1. Isn’t it funny how in our humanness we think that God thinks as we do? Thank you LORD for your Mercy, Grace, Forgiveness and always for your unending AGAPE LOVE!!

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