As everyone is aware in the year 4012 AD our Archaeologist dug up the ancient city of Chi Cargo in the land of Usa.  About 2,000 years ago some unknown catastrophe, most likely nuclear, destroyed the land of Usa and left it buried in many feet of radioactive dust and debris.  Only a few years ago has the land been deemed safe enough from radioactivity for our Archaeologist to begin exploration of just how the people of Usa lived 2,000 years ago.

They have uncovered a massive city called Chicago. Our linguists have determined that since the city appears to be a center of commerce and industry that Chicago must be a slang expression of Chi Cargo.  This appears to be a word with Semitic roots as the Chi is obviously an ancient Semitic word for life incorporated with an English word cargo to represent  the belief that the cargo this city generated brought life to the rest of Usa.

Tying this culture to an ancient Semitic culture appears to be the key to understanding life in the city of Chi Cargo.  For instances there were found numerous gods that they worshipped which paralleled ancient Semitic gods.  They apparently worshipped the Bears and their Cubs.  There is evidence of the worship of Bulls and a bird of prey believed to be a black hawk.  There is some dispute as to whether this is an eagle or vulture as many linguist feel with the tie into the Semitic root the origin of this Bird of Prey comes from the Egyptian goddess of Upper Egypt Nekhbet which was represented as a white vulture.  As the word in ancient Semitic language for a vulture is the same word for a hawk, eagle and a vulture linguist and Archaeologist have hotly debated the proper name for this god.  It is the antithesis of the goddess Nekhbet as this god is black and not white. Thus it could be a Black Eagle, Black Vulture or a Black Hawk.  For the sake of accuracy we will just refer to this god as a Black Bird of Prey.

Our Archaeologist have uncovered an amazing story of the myth and legend of this Black Bird of Prey that took place exactly 2,000 years ago this date.  For a little back ground these gods were always in pursuit of a sacred object.  The Bears for instance spent many months pursuing a sacred bowl known as the Super Bowl, before going into hibernation every year.  There is a record of the Bear only obtaining the coveted Super Bowl two times which brought the priest of the Bears much honor, fame and glory. In fact world fame.  The Birds of Prey appears to have been more successful in its pursuit of a sacred silver cup known as Stanley.

As the gods apparently went on their journeys in pursuit of these sacred objects, their priest would dress up in priestly garments and divide themselves up equally with one group of priest wearing a dark color garment and the other group wearing a lighter color.  They would gather together in a Temple known as an arena covered in ice. Literally thousands of faithful worshippers would gather at this Temple to worship their god and watch their priest act out the battle that their god was fighting to obtain the sacred Silver Cup of Stanley. To enter this arena they had to donate enormous sums of money in tithes.  Not only that once in the arena offerings were collected at local kiosks where they would be given small portions of burnt meat offerings in return. It is not clear but this was somehow believed to help the Black Bird of Prey in its pursuit of the Silver Cup of Stanley.  The ice was most likely to portray the cold frigid air that the Black Bird of Prey must fly through in its pursuit of the Silver Cup of Stanley.  It might also have been to give the priest who wore metal blades on their shoes the ability to glide over the ice giving the illusion of flying like their god was doing.

The high priest apparently received some divine knowledge of their god the Black Bird of Prey as he directs his priest in how to fly over the ice.  Our linguist are puzzled over the origin of the English word for a high priest.  It is simply the word coach. We believe the origin of that word is in the idea of someone who is fearsome and has the power of life and death.  The ice arena has a picture of their god the Bird of Prey in the center of the arena.  This god is pictured with a human head covered in feathers with a couple of red markings on his face, obviously to show the wounds that their god receives in pursuit of the sacred cup of Stanley.

Each priest gliding around the ice has a stick in the shape of the ancient Hebrew letter Vav.  This again harkens back to their Semitic origins.  In the ancient Semitic Hebrew the letter Vav shows a connection with heaven and earth.  The priests glide around the ice striking a circular object flattened on the top and bottom called a puck.  This object is black and most likely represents evil.  Each priest is trying desperately to be the lucky priest who sends this evil puck to hell which is symbolized by a net guarded by another priest with a sinister looking mask acting the part of a demon protecting the evil from returning to hell.

The priest in the lighter color uniforms obviously represent the many evil gods trying to block the way of the Black Bird of Prey in his pursuit of the sacred cup of Stanley.  These evil gods are many and at least once week on a holy day the priest and the Black Bird of Prey’s loyal followers would gather in the temple where the priest would act out  the struggle of their beloved Black Bird of Prey god as it tries to defeat and overcome these other evil gods. The high priest who is in direct communication with the progress that their god was making in his pursuit would instruct the other priest to play out the warfare between their Black Bird of Prey god and the other evil gods. The acting could get very realistic and intense and many of the priest are noted for their missing teeth and broken bones. Sometimes there is even blood on the ice.  However, there is no record of any priest dying during this a sacred ritual of worship.  This religious  service will usually ran three hours.

These other gods have been found to be worthy foes.  To reach the sacred cup of Stanley the Black Bird of Prey had to fight against Kings, Flames (of fire), Buffalos, hostile natives called Islanders, something know as Wild, this god confronted Coyotes, Predators, and Panthers.  Not only did the Black Bird of Prey have to battle these evil gods, it had to confront Hurricanes, and Avalanches.   This god even fought against Sharks, Penguins and Ducks.  Penguins and Ducks may seem like a mild foe, but don’t let that fool you, the Ducks were known as Mighty Ducks.

It appears in 2015 the Black Bird of Prey was successful in obtaining the sacred Silver Cup of Stanley.  After flying though some very fierce Lightning, they obtained the coveted Cup.  When the Bird of Prey delivered the Silver Cup of Stanley almost two million people attended a great time of worship in the heart of Chi Cargo.  Many were dressed in the red, white and black colors of the Black Bird of Prey.   Some even painted their faces.  There was wild dancing, drinking and without a doubt an orgy.  It was a pagan religion in the truest definition of a religion.

Many of our Archaeologist believe that this Sacred Silver Cup of Stanley is really the Holy Grail that man has long searched for and it is now believed to be located in the great city of Chi Cargo.  The search is on and our Archaeologist now believe that the Holy Grail is not a myth and that it will actually be found in the powerful religious center known a Chi Cargo.

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  1. Well done. Even though I do not live in USA I can appreciate what Chaim has expressed here. We have similar trophies for the various sports with the Grand Final run with all the hipe. Not my scene. I regularly liken it to be like the roman gladiators who were bought and sold than for in an arena. Major team sports seem to be like that.
    Keep it up Chaim there certainly is a message there.

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