Hebrew Word Study: Ancient Biblical Words Put into a Modern Context with the Help of the People Who Ride My Bus

Hebrew Word Study Ancient Biblical Words Put Into A Modern Context is different from other Hebrew word study books as this book takes a specific passage of Scripture and analyzes it with respect to its historical and cultural background. It takes key Hebrew words in this passage of Scripture and drills down to the very heart, soul and core of the Hebrew word and where appropriate traces that word to its Semitic origins. This is then put into a devotional format using the author’s experiences from driving a disability bus to help illustrate and put these Scriptures and Hebrew words into a modern context for every day Christian living.

For those who are intimidated by the idea of Biblical languages as Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic Chaim Bentorah has taken all the mystery, mystic and intimidation that surrounds Biblical Languages and created a study of specific passages of Scripture  to be read as the simple reading of the stories in the Reader’s Digest.


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