Personal Chemistry: “Yada” ידע



There’s a Hebrew word “Yada”  ידר that is rendered as “knowing” and it is also used (though not always) to indicate a sexual relationship or intimacy, ie: Gen.4:1 Now Adam “knew” Eve his wife, and she conceived…So “Yada” means an “Intimate knowing”

You don’t love someone for their looks, their clothes, or their fancy cars…but because they sing a song only you can hear. -Oscar Wilde

The last part of the quote really stood out to me and I think I realized something new about this Biblical word “Yada” today when I read it. Remember poetry is a form of art and a piece of art speaks different things to different people. For me “…THEY SING A SONG ONLY YOU CAN HEAR” is speaking of Chemistry between two people. When you are able to look past all the outward stuff and just see a person’s heart…it’s as if you know them before you know them, and like them before you understand why. It’s a knowing you understand with the heart and feel with the spirit before there’s ever any history or experiences shared. It can also be applied to other forms of relationships, like a friendship.
Though Chemistry may include the things we’re attracted to such as someone’s looks, their profession, their sense of humor, intelligence…etc. it really transcends all of that, standing alone on it’s own. It’s something from God and it’s special…like the people we experience it with.

Laura :)

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  1. This could hold some truth to why total opposites are totally in love with one another while the rest of us wonder why.

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