Note, I often set the timer on my watch to allow myself five minutes to write a prayer to God.  Under that  limitation I have no time to worry about rhyme or meter, I can only speak my heart. I often do not share these little prayers as they tend to be corny and cheesy and very personal. However, I did share this with a friend who said she was blessed by it. So I figured, what the fat. If you get by the corn and cheese maybe you will be blessed.




I saw the sun break through the night

Bringing me a new morning,

I thought of you Precious Lord and

It sent my sad heart soaring.


I heard a song of praise

From a little bird on a wire

Singing it over and over

To his little heart’s desire.


A beautiful gray squirrel twitched his nose

As he ran up to me

And then he danced

Right there for me to see


In all its beauty and glory

I saw your creation take its delight

Showing and proving to me

That you always do everything right.


And then I saw a little baby in the cold rain

He was carried by a young and loving mother.

She cuddled and protected him from the morning chill

As if there existed none other


My heart and soul were quickened

When I saw her smile to him in love

For I recognized that smile

I just received the same from above


4 thoughts on “A POEM FOR GOD

  1. I think this is beautiful and it reminds me how the whole Earth and all creation glorifies God every moment of every day. The words are a blessing and made my day. Thank you for your Service to Jesus which blesses so many of us, given freely.

  2. It is not cheesy dear man. It shows a heart that loves God and sees Him everywhere. I too love God and am reminded of how much he loves me every day. Thank you for sharing. Please share more often. Gadar’s wife

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