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God’s Love for Us: A Hebrew Teacher Explores the Heart of God through the Marriage Relationship

Because God created man in His own image, we automatically think God looks like us with a human body. Yet God is a spirit and a spirit has no human body. The word for image in the Hebrew is tselem, which simply means a resemblance, and this resemblance does not have to be a physical one but could be emotional and mental. By studying these resemblances through God’s Word to us, we begin to understand God’s heart.

Built on the premise that God created the marriage relationship as a model of our relationship with Him, God’s Love for Us explores the possibility that being created in the image of God means we were given a heart like God. Through the Biblical understanding of a marriage relationship between a man and woman, we begin to understand how the love, intimacy, caring, nurturing, security and dependency that we find in our natural marriage relationship is meant to help us relate to our salvation and consequential bonding with the God of the universe.

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One thought on “God’s Love for Us

  1. This is very uplifting, a great way to start the day. The example of giving it to God and having a string attached to take it with us hits right home. I must say, cutting that string, or rope, can be a tough one for me. Still, I give it my best and, of course, often have to cut the string again and again because even when I do cut it, sometimes (too many) it just grows back. Still, we must persist and keep that scissors handy. I’m reading your new book about how the marriage relationship is a picture of our relationship with God. I’ve believed that for a long while and it’s nice to see a study on it by you. I marvel at how you keep coming up with all this reading material but am certainly glad God has given you that gift to bless all of us who partake. Thank you for your dedication to our God Jesus. And thank you for showing us your humanity in your stories. Makes me feel less alone in this struggle on Earth and helps keep the evil thoughts that I’m not good enough from taking over. I suffer from chronic major depression and with comes a lot of self-negation. So when I hear someone I respect saying they too have their difficult side, I’m reminded to banish the evil thoughts that assault me. Amen :-)

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