Important Update


Hello Everyone,

We’re so excited and blessed that Whitaker House has published Chaim’s most recent Hebrew word study book.  It is essential that the book sells well because though we may have a lot of books on the market, they have been self published and the ministry makes very little money from them. Quite frankly the royalty checks we receive are barely enough to keep the ministry a float.  We would love to expand the ministry and offer on line classes and webinars…etc. and I’d love to offer a dream interpretation class using Biblical Hebrew as well. With the the backing of Whitaker House we have a wonderful opportunity to just that but we really need everyone’s support right now in making that happen.

Please consider 1) visiting Amazon to purchase a book for yourself or perhaps as a gift (link to Amazon is below). 2) It would mean so much to Chaim if once you read the book that you would leave a review of it at Amazon. It is so important that we get 50 (good) reviews as soon as possible. 3) Like and share our Facebook page and posts with friends and family.

Thank you in advance to Everyone for you support and consideration in helping us to continue sharing the keys to unlocking the depths of the heart of Jesus…the Word.


Chaim and Laura

p.s. Please feel free to use advertisement photo below that Whitaker House has designed for to share with others in whatever creative way you can imagine to get the word out :-)

Amazon Book Link: