Word Study: His Passionate Love כמר



Psalms 138:8: “The Lord will perfect that which concerns me, thy mercy O Lord endures forever. Forsake not the works of thine own hands.”

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” Charles Dickens “A Tale of Two Cities.”

Charles Dickens started his novel, “A Tale of Two Cities” off with one of the major motifs of his novel. Throughout his novel things came in contrasting pairs. England at relative peace, France in revolution. Charles Darney the perfect gentleman contrasted to Sidney Carton the loser. In the end all the contrast tie together for a perfect ending.

In the Hebrew, Psalms 138:8 “The Lord will perfect that which concerns me,” in the Hebrew literally says: “The Lord will {bring to an end or to completion} that which is about me.” This is a picture of coming full circle. It has the idea of starting something and finishing it. The word for bringing to an end or to a completion or as my translation renders perfect is the word gamar. Rabbi Samson Hirsch the 19th Century Hebrew scholar and linguist suggest that this could be a play on the word kamar which means to kindle a fire of passion or love. In other words: “The Lord will kindle a fire of passionate love for me” as He puts me through this process of perfecting me.

There are various ways we can look at this. We can look at it from the beginning of our life to the end of our lives, God will fulfill the purpose for which He has created us. But we can also look at it from the idea that during our lives God starts a work or many different works in our lives all which are meant to kindle a passionate love. All the works that God starts in our lives will be brought to a completion ending with His passionate love. God finishes everything that He starts, there are no abandoned projects.

Sometimes God can start a work in the middle of your life or even in the latter years of your life. Examples are Joshua taking over the leadership of the children of Israel at 71 years of age, Abraham becoming a father at 90 years of age. This work may begin with a tragedy, the loss of a job or a health crisis. But always remember it is built on the passionate love of God and when you look back over that tragedy or crisis after having come full circle you will see God’s passionate love and you could say like Dickens that it has been the best of times and the worst of times. Every disappointment and every crisis is contrasted to God’s faithfulness and lovingkindness. Yet, you can be assured that one day you will come full circle and be able to praise God in every situation as He embraces you with His passionate love.-

One thing that Psalms 138:8 seems to make very clear is God is the author of our life’s story. He is designing us to be that adequate servant as I said in yesterday’s study, to be glorified in us. He will finish the story. If you have given Him your life, put Him in the helm of your life then whatever happens in your live is not the luck of the draw, it is part of an overall plan and purpose to show you His passionate love and take extreme pride in you.

The word gamar which means to perfect or to complete. It is spelled Gimmel, Mem and Resh. This Hebrew word itself gives us a built in commentary and tells what to expect. From the word itself we learn some interesting things about this perfecting process.

The first letter is Gimmel which tells us that as we go through this process, whatever the crisis or tragedy it will be surrounded with the passionate love of God. The Sages picture the next letter, the Mem as water or the womb. This process is a birthing process of something new, when completed we will be born into a new season of our lives. It is also during this birthing process that a mothers feels immense love for the child. You can be assured that God is showering you with His love during this birthing process. Finally the last letter is the Resh. I recently read where one rabbi called the Resh a mini Rosh Hashanah or New Year.

When this process ends or is completed, it is not an end but a beginning. I hear a lot of talk on Christian TV or in books and on the internet of a breakthrough, you’re break through is coming and you will experience a new beginning etc. I believe David had a similar experience in his life and he is expressing it in Psalms 138:8. Whatever we call it and we have many words for it, it is a season, a refining process, a cleansing process, etc. they all have one thing in common and that is the fact that this a process that was initiated by God to eventually show His passionate love to us and God promises in Psalms 138:8 that he will complete the process, he will not abandon us in the middle of the process and during this process we will find that passionate love as we go through it. Finally, when the process is completed, it is not an end, but a new beginning in our love relationship with Him.

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  1. Hi, I just came across your site looking up Hebrew words for my blog. I never imagined I’d be doing that until about 6 years ago when God started rattling my cage. Now I can’t imagine not writing it.
    Hebrew is very hard for me, because it is far more complex and just a few words contain more meaning than all the words in my limited vocabulary.
    Thanks. I’ll have to check into the Beyond the Hebrew Lexicon too. I got a gift card for Christmas!


  2. I have been waiting for you to post today’s study. God spoke to my heart and said this will be a message for you.
    It really was. I left my job yesterday to pursue classes to complete some training I’ve been going through. I can feel God surrounding me with his protection and His love.


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