Word Study: Ziqoth זיקות




Isaiah 50:11: “Behold, as all of you who kindle fire, who are surrounded in sparks, walk (a righteous walk) in the light (of) your fire in your burning. From My hand this shall be for you in pain (so) you will lie down.”

Upon first reading this verse really does not make any sense at all, at least to me. So I will take it word by word to see if I can reach some understanding.

Behold – this is the Hebrew word hen which is saying; “Here is a revelation from the presence of God.” “As all of you who kindle fire…” The word kindle is kadech. I did a little research on this word trying to trace it to its Semitic root. It seems it is an old Sumerian word for the polishing of a red gem stone (carbuncle). It also refers to a piece of coal that begins to glow red. Ever watch a piece of charcoal on your barbeque grill? When you blow on it, it starts to glow red. This is the idea of kadech. It has the idea of bringing out the color, making it glow. The word fire is ‘esh which means just that, fire. But it is also used to express the idea of a passion. I think that is the best rendering here. Thus God is giving a revelation here. He is saying that “as all of you are having you passions polished, or blown upon (with the breath of God) to glow bright red or to bring out your passion.”

He follows by saying that as God blows on you passion and love for Him it will begin to glow and you are then surrounded. That word in Hebrew is me’az’ri which means to tighten a girdle. So you tighten your girdle or belt with sparks. That is curious. The word sparks is ziqoth. Ziqoth is something that is bright with a sharp shinning points, sort of like a Fourth of July sparkler. As you allow God to polish or intensify your passions you will begin to be surrounded by a sharp brilliant sparking.

I know I have been around Christians, and others have also testified to this experience, where we could actually see a person’s countenance sparkle like a sparkler. The people of Israel saw it on Moses such that he had to wear a veil over his face. I believe that these people with this ziqoth were Christians who allow God to kindle or polish their passion for Him. I believe animals can also see or detect it which is why they are drawn to such people.

If you are one such person who bears this ziqoth take note, there is a warning that follows. Satan was the light bearer and 1/3 of the angels began to look at him and he began to receive that worship rather than God and he fell. Now we are the light bearers from the indwelling of Jesus Christ and when people see or sense that ziqoth there is a tendency to look to the creature rather than the creator. The problem starts when that creature starts to assume some of that worship for oneself. People begin to praise you, honor you, lift you up because of the ziqoth seen or unseen and you will, like satan, fall and lose the sparks or ziqoth. I have seen many pastors who bore such ziqoth and allowed his congregation to put him in a place of honor and I have seen that ziqoth fade. Like, the afore mentioned Moses, who descended from the mountain, his face filled such intense ziqoth that he had to wear a veil. Paul let the beans out of the bag (or is it the cat – you spill the beans) in II Corinthians 3:13: “He (Moses) kept covering his face with a veil, he did not want the people of Israel to see the glory fading away.” I have seen many men and women with that ziqoth allow people to bless them and this saw that ziqoth fade, yet they keep yahooing to make everyone think it had not faded away. Like Moses they keep that veil over their face so others will not lose confidence in them.

Those who have this ziqoth” must “walk in the Light.” In John 1 Jesus declares that He is that Light and we must walk according to Him bringing all honor and praise to Him. He is the author of this passion that He is breathing upon us.

There is a price to be paid. He will from His hand (power) bring pain and cause you to lie down or rest in peace. He will do something to try and prevent you from losing that ziqoth. Somehow the word pain does not fit here. The word pain in Hebrew is ’asev. ‘Asev is indeed an emotional or physical pain. But such pain is not always a bad thing. Pain is the body’s warning system. You pick up a hot coal and the pain you feel in your hand is your hand saying: “Let go of that thing, you slob, before you burn me to a crisp.” It is interesting that the word ’asev is also used for worship and service. Sometimes service can be painful. Even worship can be painful at times. Especially with some of the worship music we have today. Ouch! (I just slapped myself). Actually, worship could be a lifestyle. Just our walking with Jesus sometimes results in painful decisions and situations. Then too the idea of worship exposes our inner selves to God and sometimes the revelation of these thing before Him are very painful. But it does keep us from receiving all that honor and praise because of the ziqoth.

This whole thing is not for the weak of heart which is probably why so few have a lasting ziqoth, it is just much easier to fake it. To say “Yippee!” and all that. To wear that veil like Moses long after the ziqoth had faded so people won’t see that you have faltered.

The ziquoth, Light of God, is for every Christian, we are His Light bearers. But not every Christian is incline to accept the responsibility nor the price. I recently read a story where a Muslim had accepted Jesus as His Savior because he was personally involved in the martyr a Christian. As that Christian looked up to heaven before he died, the men committing this crime swore they saw a ziquoth or a sparkling light come on this Christian’s countenance. That will shake your day. No there may be a price to pay when you are His Light bearer. It just may get ‘