The Letter Chet

The Cheth represents a binding with God like in a marriage relationship. It is a picture of the chuppah or marriage copy which is to picture a portal that the couple walks through to enter a new life where you are no longer the center of your world but it now it revolves around person. […]

Holistic Essential Oils

Wellness With Oils Join us from the comfort of your own home for an online essential oils class on Facebook to learn more about these amazing holistic gifts from God for our mind, body, and spirit.  Thursday June 13th at 7:00pm Read along as we share about these amazing oils. Click on link below to […]

You Tube

NO WORD STUDY TODAY: Instead I would encourage you to go to You Tube, type Chaim Bentorah into search and listen to at least one of the thirty Hebrew Word Study videos on line to promote our books. If you liked it please subscribe to our channel, share the video with others. Please share with […]

Word Study: Medicine

Cluck link to join oils class: WORD STUDY – MEDICINE Exodus 30:37-38: “And as for the fragrances which thou shalt make, ye shall not make to yourselves according to the composition thereof: it shall be unto thee holy for the Lord. Whosoever shall make like unto that, to smell thereto, shall be cut off from […]