Word Study: YHWH (God)



YHWH – Hebrew: God Jehovah

The word YHWH expressing the name of God in Hebrew is built on three words; hayah which means “was,” hoveh which means “is” and yiheyeh which means “will be.”   This is to say that  God lives in the past, present and future simultaneously.  Albert Einstein, a good Jewish boy, actually helped to explain the trinity with his theory of relativity.  Einstein proved that time is relative, not absolute and that time travel is possible.  The name of God itself explains how He can be omnipresent and how he could be both God and man at the same time, because the very name YHWH says that he lives in the past, present and future simultaneously.

By becoming a man it would seem impossible for Him to also an all present God as he would be limited inside a human finite body.  But with the fact that God lives outside of time, and is the creator of time, He is thus unaffected by time.  It would be wrong to say that God knows what will happen “before” things happen because such a description presents a problem of predestination and the elimination of man’s free will.  This limitation is implicit in the words “before” and “after.”   God does not live before or after time as we do in the natural world, He lives outside of time.  He lives in the future as well as the past.   I know this raises many philosophical issues which I can not go into in just a couple paragraphs, but I would be happy to open a blog and get other imput.

Needless to say what I get from this is that God can spend every moment, every second of my life giving me His undivided attention.  You can pray all you want but he will not divert his attention to you from me.  His total focus is on me and me alone.  However, once I leave this natural state, God will simply move back in time where he will also spend every second of your life giving you His undivided attention and not hear a word I say.  He can repeat this 6 billion times if He so wishes and can give each of us total focus of His attention.

If we do not look at Numbers 14:21 as anthropomorphic or metaphoric and take it literally what we have is God saying: “But as truly as I live (chi – physical life), all the earth will (still) be filled with the glory of God.”  This passage could be Messianic predicting that when God comes to the earth as a human being, His glory will still fill the earth because he does not live in time and thus He can co-exist with his Human form beyond the dimension of time.  If you don’t understand that, take it up with Einstein.